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Bufete Rosselló · THE LAW FIRM

Bufete Rosselló was founded in 1969 by Pedro Rosselló Munar, who turned his profession into a passion and from his expertise a seal of identity. And his legacy is now taken up by his son, Oscar Rosselló Fiol and a multidisciplinary group of lawyers, that enable our firm to provide a devoted, constant and customized comprehensive service to our clients. Our philosophy is based in professional rigor, ethics and high levels of service in order to obtain the most satisfactory outcome for our clients.


Advocacy is considered as a handcrafted profession to us and its practice requires every confidence among lawyer and client. This firm steps aside from anything that diverges from an utterly and exclusive dedication to their profession. We are conscious of that confidence placed on our expertise and we correspond to it with greater commitment, devotion and professionalism. Our policy is :

“Our firm makes Justice the reason of being in order to accomplish a useful purpose”.