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Civil and Civil Process

Hiring. Successions. Mortgage law. Procedures and litigation

Judicial estate division

Urban or rustic leases of real estate (rental contracts, evictions, rent claims, resolution of contracts, compensation for breach of contract, etc.)

Contracts (resolve and / or disassociate, enforce, claim damages for non-compliance, drafting and analysis of all kinds, purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, annulments, installment sales, consent, etc. )

Obligations contracted

Extrajudicial and judicial claims

Communities of owners (contesting agreements, attendance at General and Extraordinary Boards, claiming debts against defaulters, etc.)

Easements (for draining buildings, passages and / or roads, lights and views, party walls, etc.)

Family and / or matrimonial law (contentious divorces or mutual agreement, separations, drafting regulatory agreements, claim for alimony, compensatory pension, modification of measures, custody and custody, etc.)

Successions and donations, wills

Claim before any Public or Private Institution and relevant Judicial Authority in the event that friendly solutions to the matter to be treated are unsuccessful.

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